Email Popup 0.2.1 Released And Now Open Source

After a hiatus of about 2 years, the new version of the app adds various minor enhancements and support for the most recent APIs and UI style but also the most requested feature: a ‘Delete’ button on the popup.

The app is also now open source on GitHub and, of course, pull requests are welcome. Issue and feature requests can be filed Here



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K-9 Mail Code Swarm

K-9 Mail Code Swarm from troy engel on Vimeo.

Email Popup 0.1.1 Released

Just added the ‘Open’ and ‘Close’ buttons.

  • Open: Opens the email in K-9 Mail
  • Close: Close the popup dialog

Also, clicking on the photo or the popup text will open the email in K-9 Mail. The ‘Close’ button is also redundant as hitting the ‘Back’ button does the same thing.

A quick look at the stats shows that the number of download continues to progress well but the number of active installs is not doing as well:

1583 total 
688 active installs (43%)

K-9 Mail Out of Beta

K-9 Mail went out of beta on Nov. 4th. This means that more people have a version compatible with Email Popup. From the stats below, the number pf people using the app has doubled :)

1345 total
607 active installs (45%)

Email Popup Stats and Comments

From the Market dashboard

522 total
304 active installs (58%)

Pretty good. I am surprised that the app went overt the 500 download mark this fast providing that the version of K-9 Mail it works with is still in Beta. However, I am surprised at the number of people that uninstalled the app (more than 40%)…

From the comments, the biggest feature requests are:

  • a button to close the popup dialog (hitting the back button  actually does that)
  • Clicking on the popup should bring up K-9 Mail

I actually planned to build these but held back to get this out first before spending too much time building in the dark. So I was on track :)

Email Popup QR Code

The app has been picked up overnight by AndroLib :-)

They even generated a QR code for it.

Email Popup QR Code

Email Popup 0.1 is out

I just published my first Android app to the Market: Email Popup.

It is actually not the first one since I am have been working on K-9 Mail for the past year.

Check out the app page for more info

QuickSmug 0.2 Released

I found out quickly after releasing the 1st version of QuickSmug that SmugMug just released a Flash player for the videos it hosts. This makes QuickSmg less attractive however inserting an embed tags in WordPress is not straightfoward as WP tries to clean up what ever you type. So I added support for the Flash player in QuickSmug (or shall I call it FlashSmug now?).

You can download it here.

The syntax is pretty much the same:

  1. [FLASHSMUG {video_id_key}] where {video_id_key} is the id_key of the Smugmug video. The id_key the part after the pound sign (#) in the URL when you view the video on Smugmug.

    Example: [FLASHSMUG 265003247_FHz9q]

  2. [FLASHSMUG {video_id_key} {size}] {size}] where {size} is the size of the video you want to display. Right now only ‘S’ (425×318) and ‘M’ (640×480) sizes are supported. When not specified, the size used is ‘S’.

    Example: [FLASHSMUG 265003247_FHz9q S]

  3. [FLASHSMUG {video_id_key} {width} {height}] where obviously {width} and {height} are the width and height of the Flash player in pixel.

    Example: [FLASHSMUG 265003247_FHz9q 425 318]

QuickSmug 0.1.1 Released

This is just a minor bug fix. The previous version was not handling well posts without videos.